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250 sets of 15.6 inch open frame touch monitors were air shipped from Shenzhen to Paraguay

250 sets of 15.6 inch open frame touch monitors were air shipped from Shenzhen to Paraguay


Generally, most of our touch screen monitors and industrial open frame touch monitors are sent directly from the factory warehouse. Sometimes some samples and air cargo will also be arranged in our Shenzhen sales office. At around nine o'clock this morning, the logistics company called and informed that their truck driver had come downstairs from our Shenzhen sales office. All of staff in Shenzhen sales office, and immediately started to move the open frame touch monitors to the truck.

The cargo shipped to Paraguay by air this time is our 15.6-inch open frame touch monitor, totaling 125 boxes of 250 units. Our office's sales have joined the loading team. Fortunately, there are two small carts that can help us pull it down. We put the open frame touch monitors goods one by one on the cart from the sales office. Then take the elevator down from the 15th floor, and then unload the goods one by one from the trolley and move them to the truck. After one round, the two small carts pulled a total of six or seven times, and finally all the goods were delivered to the truck, which was full. Our goods will be delivered to Hong Kong, airlifted from Hong Kong Airport to Paraguay Airport.

Air freight starts in September every year and is very busy until December. The capacity will be more limited, and the freight will also increase somewhat. If you have goods to arrange, you can arrange early and make a good budget. Our air freight can fly from Shenzhen or Guangzhou, or transport to Hong Kong, and then fly from Hong Kong to abroad.

It is our unshrinkable responsibility to let each batch of open frame touch monitors goods safely is delivered to customers.

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