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12 'industry tablet manufacturers _12 inch tablet custom manufacturer of brightness

by:Toponetech     2020-03-27
Industrial tablets display after use for a long time, there may be some problem, so, in case of the failure should be how to repair? What are common maintenance methods? We went on to look down. One, the current method is mainly used for measuring current measurement transistor and the integrated circuit block load current and working current, in order to detect integrated circuit, transistor and the power load is normal, and so on. As long as measured by the load current of the transistor or integrated circuit is normal, it can be concluded that the basic normal working state of the circuit. On the other hand, if the current changed a lot compared to normal, and then the circuit has a problem, can suit the remedy to the case, the examination of the key. Second, the test voltage method to measure the voltage is often used in practice. It is mainly the working voltage of measurement circuit and components, in order to to determine the fault parts and components. Measure voltage and ac voltage and dc voltage measurement can be divided into the test in two categories. Measuring ac voltage is the voltage with a multimeter block, to measure the ac voltage, display the power value. Of course can also be used on the multimeter in series on a 0. 1μ Capacitive pressure is big enough to measure around F field scanning output circuit, line scan output circuit, communication part of the video amplifier circuit and other parts. With a multimeter to check the ac voltage, and then compared with the measured values under normal condition, to determine whether the circuit is working normally. Three, resistance measurement method to measure the resistance is mainly divided into two kinds of measurements: one kind is measurement display circuit and components of resistance, additionally one kind is measuring resistance value of the components themselves. Measurement circuit, the output of resistance, can distinguish circuit of the load is normal. When measuring the transistors or integrated circuit blocks each foot of resistance, the need to measure the positive and negative resistance, typically measured resistance with negative pens and grounded for the forward resistance, and pens and earthing is to be measured by the resistance is, of course, for the reverse resistance. This is according to the change of the measured resistance value, to and under normal circumstances the resistance value of comparison, can judge the fault. Domestic has many 12 'industrial tablet manufacturers, 12' industrial tablet manufacturers of custom brightness what? Seats ear intelligence is domestic professional industrial tablet customization, da seats ear industrial tablets can be customized according to user's demand, customized programs are: waterproof size custom, custom price, full customization, brightness custom, hardware configuration, customization, touch screen customization, working temperature, application scenarios, screen, automatic adjust the custom and functional customization demand. If you want to know the custom brightness or other custom details, welcome to inquire. Here are 12 inches of seats ears industrial tablet parameter is introduced: type: industrial tablet WPC - YW120AW size ( Resolution/screen ratio) 12 inches (: 800 * 600/4:3) Customizable: 1024 * 768 liquid crystal screen using new LED LCD gray-scale response time: 3 ms point distance ( 毫米) : 0. 255 the average brightness: 400 CD/m2 working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ work humidity: 20% ~ 80% power: 60 w horizontal and vertical visual angles: 160 degrees of LCD type: A gauge panel board: Intel industrial motherboard CPU: Intel celeron J1900 quad-core 2. 0 GHZ memory: 2 gb DDR3 ( High can support to 8 g) Hard disk: 32 gb SSD SSD touch screen: the touch/CE - Taiwan brand Resistive touchscreen (Touch5 line High light transmittance, touch sensitivity is strong, strong support at 12 calibration) / capacitive touch ( Touch at 10) Power supply: the external power supply 12 v - 5 a interface: power supply interface & times; 1、USB× 8, front-end ports & times; 2、VGA× 1、HDMI× 1、WiFi× 1、COM× 6 * 2, audio input and output card: built-in 10 - 100 MB card protection grade: surface IP65 color: black, silver shell body material: fuselage for aluminum alloy material, surface box of 1111 microsoftinternetexplorer402documentnotspecified7 metallic silver wire drawing. 8 pounds Normal0
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