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12 'industry tablet custom RFID_12 inch tablet custom amplifiers

by:Toponetech     2020-03-29
12 'industry tablet custom RFID_12 inch tablet custom amplifiers. Industrial tablet is meant for use by industry, industrial equipment, its fundamental performance and compatibility with the commercial computer, but industrial tablet is more pay attention to the security and stability in harsh environments. Is, after all, the machine product, after a long run, hard to avoid can appear some fault, so, when industrial tablet displays in failure should do, what is the common way? 1, touch temperature method as the name implies is directly with the hand to touch the temperature of the failed components, this method can quickly identify the problem. Check this method is mainly used in electrolytic capacitor, transformer, transistors and other components are available at the time of the problem, according to the temperature changes, high temperature rise phenomenon to find the problem. But should pay attention to this method must be done in the case of power cuts. 2, interference method under the condition of the amateur, can use the interference method for maintenance. The content such as the method is: use a screwdriver to touch the circuit input end, enter human body induction signal or collision which is caused by physical clutter. Used to check the circuit such as video, medium frequency, and then according to the noise of the display screen response, basically can judge whether the circuit work normally. Levels after the inspection order from forward, check the levels to which no clutter reactions which have a problem, is to focus on testing. 3, hot and cold method this method for some poor thermal stability, and some hot serious components is very effective. When found some abnormal temperature rise of components, can dip in with pure alcohol on a cotton ball to apply on the surface of the components allow it to cool down rapidly. The principle and the hardware of overclocking water cooling method is the same. After being cooled to boot, if discover fault significantly reduce or disappear, can preliminary judgment of the components already hot failure or the existing problems, it can be replaced. And law of heating and cooling method is reinforcing, when found components heat stability, under the condition of the cooling method is invalid, we can use soldering iron or hair dryer of suspected components such as proper heat treatment, and then boot to observe, if discover the fault is not obvious increased, it can be key to check of the components, and even to replace it. Let's take a look at below industrial tablet customized product introduction. Of seats ear 12 'industrial tablet company can according to customer's customization, to meet customer demand, more including custom RFID, custom amplifiers, etc. 1, the custom size: including: 10. 4/12/15/17/19/21. 5 inches, size, selective widely; 2, whole waterproof custom swimming in pipe, cement and other special occasions need machine fully waterproof, can be customized according to customer's requirements fully waterproof function. 3, working temperature customization: on-demand customizable low temperature of high temperature industrial work tablets. Under normal circumstances - 15 ℃ low temperature work can meet the requirements, at the same time also can according to customer requirements can be customized low - Specific wide temperature 40 ℃ low temperature, customized solutions and related quotation can contact our sales staff. 4, screen brightness industrial tablet products offered by custom brightness standard is 400 lumens, at the same time, we can also according to customer demand, customized chemical control tablet touch screen brightness, great support to 1500 lumens, even in the hot sun screen is still clearly visible. 5, automatic screen sensitive regulating equipped with high brightness of the customer if any use requirements in the evening, we can according to customer requirements customization screen brightness automatic light adjustment function, dark environment screen brightness automatically adjust the brightness, photoreceptors user visual more comfortable. Type: industrial tablet WPC - YW120AW size ( Resolution/screen ratio) 12 inches (: 800 * 600/4:3) Liquid crystal screen: the new LED LCD screen can be customized 1024 * 768 gray-scale response time: 3 ms point distance ( 毫米) : 0. 255 the average brightness: 400 CD/m2 working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ work humidity: 20% ~ 80% power: 60 w horizontal and vertical visual angles: 160 degrees of LCD type: A gauge panel board: Intel industrial motherboard CPU: Intel celeron J1900 quad-core 2. 0 GHZ memory: 2 gb DDR3 ( High can support to 8 g) Hard disk: 32 gb SSD SSD touch screen: the touch/CE - Taiwan brand Resistive touchscreen (Touch5 line High light transmittance, touch sensitivity is strong, strong support at 12 calibration) / capacitive touch ( Touch at 10) Power supply: the external power supply 12 v - 5 a interface: power supply interface & times; 1、USB× 4, so & times; 2、VGA× 1、HDMI× 1、WiFi× 1、COM× 4 * 2, audio input and output card: built-in 10 - 100 MB card protection grade: surface IP65 color: black, silver shell body material: fuselage for aluminum alloy material, surface casing is metallic silver wire drawing
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