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12 'industrial tablets

by:Toponetech     2020-03-29
Industrial tablet is meant for use by industry industrial control computer, the fundamental performance and compatibility with commercial computer, but industrial tablet is more pay attention to the stability in different environments, such as beverage production line control, auto production line control, etc. , under the harsh environment stable requirements, such as dustproof, waterproof, anti-static, etc. Industrial tablet does not require the highest efficiency, only to meet the requirements of the system need to comply with the requirement of reliability in industrial environments and stability, or used in production line of one thousand computer crashes, may cause serious damage, so industrial standard required by the tablet must comply with the strict norms and scalable. As commercial machine performance is better, many industrial field have begun to use cheaper commercial machine, and the commercial machine market is changing so much, people began to tend to be more humanistic touch tablet. Therefore industrial site, with the function of touch tablet computer will be the future trend of industrial touch tablet is a kind of industrial control, and its advantage in comparison to ordinary industrial control has the following points. 1, industrial touch-screen tablet computer most of the front panel is made of aluminum and magnesium alloy die-casting forming, the front panel to NEMA IP65 protection class. Solid, durable, and lighter in weight. 2, industrial touch tablet smaller volume, simple installation and maintenance. 3, good appearance and wide application. 12 inch widescreen industrial tablet _12 inch widescreen touch all-in-one PC Windows industry support WPC - embedded installation YW120KAWX product characteristics 1, classic black wider industrial tablets according to equipment needs, choose the corresponding color. Products apply to: mobile information office, gas stations, self-service terminals, industrial control equipment, etc. 2, full metal jacket product structure is very compact, the rugged metal enclosure, effectively prevent external electromagnetic interference, and stability in the harsh environment to finish the work. Number 3, safe touch & ge; 35 million times using sensitive touch screen, improve screen touch precision, can withstand greater than 35 million safe touch, screen touch no dead Angle, easy touch control, fully listen to your command. 4, industrial LCD screen fine life longer, with 24-hour continuous operation platform function for a long time, the whole machine, low power design provide a stable working environment, in the face of a variety of industry applications are. 5, three installation (1) use of edge plate embedded installation (2) the metal card buckles embedded installation (3) use hanging fittings fixed installation collected 6, the current mainstream display interface interface: USB ( Special touch, VGA, DVI, power supply. Customizable: increase the HDMI interface, or become replacement of DVI HDMI
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