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12 'industrial tablet custom cryogenic temperature outdoor 12 inches wide working _ industrial tablets

by:Toponetech     2020-03-28
12 'industrial tablet custom cryogenic temperature outdoor 12 inches wide working _ industrial tablets. Industrial tablet has become an indispensable part of modern military industry automation development, industrial tablet is known to all is to use a device in a particular industry or the environment, but with the development of science and technology, industrial tablet has been used in many industries, the following of seats in the ear, for example, introduces the application of common industry for everyone. 1, digital hospital to do the service of the head of a bed end and outpatient service terminal, improve services for and management of the hospital. 2, industrial tablet significantly is used in: industrial field can be embedded into the machine, rack or in operation stage, make the man-machine operation interface display. 3, Banks, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, bus stations, parks and other public places to do media ( Advertising) Player or query terminals. 4, used in telecommunications, electric power, multimedia, and in various fields such as national defense, automation equipment, manufacturing, brought the number is used as man-machine interface, thin client, PLC communication and control terminal and POS). Tablets 5, in addition, the industry still can make a family service terminals, upscale community intercom, message and query cost, ordering goods, household appliances management, the temperature and humidity control, etc. Here is part of mat ear industrial tablet customized programs, contact the customer service can complete custom content, and 12 'industrial tablet customization work at low temperature, outdoor temperature wide custom details. 1, application scenario for customization: all-in-one custom automotive industrial touch screen, outdoor portable industrial tablets, frame type installation industrial touch screen machine; 2, hardware configuration, customization: from memory upgrade industrial touch screen machine, storage capacity, the CPU from atom to core processor can be customized according to customer's requirements of industrial touch all-in-one PC hardware configuration; 3, touch customization: ear can be customized according to customer's requirements for seats industrial tablet touch, production and sales of industrial tablets of seats ears supports the following screen method of induction: four kinds of touch screen: no touch screen/resistance/capacitance screen/infrared touch screen; 4, custom price: hardware configuration of seats ear industrial touch screen machine can do the design according to the demand, customer cost savings, starting from the customer budget and choose to suit needs of industrial touch screen machine do price custom; 5, functional customization requirements: da seats ear industrial touch all-in-one PC can be customized according to customer's requirements camera, RFID, IC card reader, ID card, NFC card reader, card reader, 4 g module, fingerprint readers, monitor system board, driver board, advertising machine, etc. 1111 microsoftinternetexplorer402documentnotspecified7。 8 pounds Normal0 types: industrial tablet WPC - YW120AW size ( Resolution/screen ratio) 12 inches (: 800 * 600/4:3) Customizable: 1024 * 768 liquid crystal screen using new LED LCD gray-scale response time: 3 ms point distance ( 毫米) : 0. 255 the average brightness: 400 CD/m2 working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ work humidity: 20% ~ 80% power: 60 w horizontal and vertical visual angles: 160 degrees of LCD type: A gauge panel board: Intel industrial motherboard CPU: Intel celeron J1900 quad-core 2. 0 GHZ memory: 2 gb DDR3 ( High can support to 8 g) Hard disk: 32 gb SSD SSD touch screen: the touch/CE - Taiwan brand Resistive touchscreen (Touch5 line High light transmittance, touch sensitivity is strong, strong support at 12 calibration) / capacitive touch ( Touch at 10) Power supply: the external power supply 12 v - 5 a interface: power supply interface & times; 1、USB× 4, so & times; 2、VGA× 1、HDMI× 1、WiFi× 1、COM× 2 * 2, audio input and output card: built-in 10 - 100 MB card protection grade: surface IP65 color: black, silver shell body material: fuselage for aluminum alloy material, surface box to metallic silver wire drawing of nanjing ear intelligent technology co. , LTD. Address: jiangning district, nanjing city, jiangsu province provender provender ling street east road no. 12 wang zhou rotary telephone: 17037625086 qq: 21764109601111 microsoftinternetexplorer402documentnotspecified7. An article on the 8 pounds Normal0:12 'industrial tablet custom camera _ the waterproof type 12' industrial tablet custom next article: 12 inch hd resolution industrial customize tablet prices
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