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12 'industrial tablet custom camera _ the waterproof type 12' industrial tablet customization

by:Toponetech     2020-03-28
With the development of The Times, the application of the tablet industry is also more and more widely. Among them, the on-board system function is more, so the tablet to use requirements are strictly, it is important to the on-board tablet used in automobile is a control terminal, that is a direct replacement car navigation, the automotive industry tablets need to meet the requirements of what? 1, according to requirements: as the car used in outdoor, avoid direct sunlight slants even environment. Therefore screen requirements must be visualized in the sun. 2, the engine heat dissipation: automotive machine due to sand dust, is generally not recommended fan configuration, under the condition of meet the cooling requirement fully sealed, no additional ventilation. 3, convenient installation and maintenance: considering the various vehicles have different environment, to participate in the use of personnel is also very complex. Under certain conditions, therefore, should be may be suitable for all kinds of the scene. 4, power performance: the on-board computer generally directly from the car battery power, due to the use of a variety of battery state each are not identical, plus the ignition and flameout instantaneous impact, so the used equipment of a high power requirement. 5, electromagnetic interference, the use of special vehicle can not only a electrical equipment. Unqualified electromagnetic radiation can bring serious interference to other devices, such as digital radio, medical monitoring precision signs, etc. 12 'industrial tablet custom camera _ the waterproof type 12' industrial tablet customization. Crown teck manufacturer is an industrial tablet custom business, if you need 12 'industrial tablet custom camera, the waterproof type 12' industrial tablet customization, you might as well call for enquiry about customized solutions. Let's take a look at below crown teck 12 'industrial tablet parameter is introduced as well as customized programs to introduce of our company. Type: industrial tablet WPC - YW120AW size ( Resolution/screen ratio) 12 inches (: 800 * 600/4:3) Liquid crystal screen: the new LED LCD screen can be customized 1024 * 768 gray-scale response time: 3 ms point distance ( 毫米) : 0. 255 the average brightness: 400 CD/m2 working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ work humidity: 20% ~ 80% power: 60 w horizontal and vertical visual angles: 160 degrees of LCD type: A gauge panel board: Intel industrial motherboard CPU: Intel celeron J1900 quad-core 2. 0 GHZ memory: 2 gb DDR3 ( High can support to 8 g) Hard disk: 32 gb SSD SSD touch screen: the touch/CE - Taiwan brand Resistive touchscreen (Touch5 line High light transmittance, touch sensitivity is strong, strong support at 12 calibration) / capacitive touch ( Touch at 10) Power supply: the external power supply 12 v - 5 a interface: power supply interface & times; 1、USB× 4, so & times; 2、VGA× 1、HDMI× 1、WiFi× 1、COM× 4 * 2, audio input and output card: built-in 10 - 100 MB card protection grade: surface IP65 color: black, silver shell body material: fuselage for aluminum alloy material, surface casing is metallic silver wire drawing above configuration to nanjing for 12 'industrial tablet standard configuration, in addition to the above configuration, we also can customize according to customer's system, meet the demand of customers more: 1, the custom size: our industrial touch all-in-one include: 10. 4/12/15/17/19/21. 5 inches, size, selective widely; 2, application scenario for customization: all-in-one custom automotive industrial touch screen, outdoor portable industrial tablets, frame type installation industrial touch screen machine; 3, fully waterproof customization: if the customer with swimming in pipe, cement and other special occasions need machine fully waterproof, ear can be customized according to customer's requirements for seats machine completely waterproof. 4, hardware configuration, customization: from memory upgrade industrial touch screen machine, storage capacity, the CPU from atom to core processor can be customized according to customer's requirements of industrial touch all-in-one PC hardware configuration; 5, price customization: hardware configuration of seats ear industrial touch screen machine can do the design according to the demand, customer cost savings, starting from the customer budget and choose to suit needs of industrial touch screen machine do price custom; 6, automatic screen sensitive custom adjustment: equipped with high brightness of the customer is using demand as in the night, ear can be customized according to customer's requirements for seats automatic screen brightness photosensitive adjustment function, dark environment screen brightness automatically adjust the brightness, photoreceptors user visual more comfortable. 7, touch customization: we can customize according to customer's requirements of industrial tablet touch, production and sales of industrial tablet supports the following screen method of induction: four kinds of touch screen: no touch screen/resistance/capacitance screen/infrared touch screen. 8, screen brightness customization: we provide industrial tablet brightness standard is 400 lumens, at the same time, we can also according to customer demand, customized chemical control tablet touch screen brightness, great support to 1500 lumens, guaranteed even in the hot sun screen is still clearly visible. 9, working temperature customization: wide industrial tablet custom _ on-demand customized low-temperature hot work industry tablets. Under normal circumstances - 15 ℃ low temperature work can meet the requirements, at the same time also can according to customer requirements can be customized low - Specific wide temperature 40 ℃ low temperature, customized solutions and related quotation can contact our sales staff. 10, functional customization requirements: crown teck industrial touch all-in-one PC can be customized according to customer's requirements camera, RFID, IC card reader, ID card, NFC card reader, card reader, 4 g module, fingerprint readers, monitor system board, driver board, advertising machine, etc. Nanjing reach ear industrial touch all-in-one PC for long-term cooperation, establish of steel cooperation, welcome to consult!
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