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10.1 inch touch all-in-one computer brand new customized model

As we all know, Top One Tech is a manufacturer that produces and sells touch screens, touch monitors, and touch all-in-one computers. Among them, it supports small batch production, fast shipment, and supports  customization. It has won a large number of orders from customers around the world. Customized projects have also become the core of Top One Tech's service content.


Last month, Top One Tech received an order from an overseas customer who requested a cost-effective and multi-interface touch all-in-one computer. We recommended the original 10.1 inch and 15.6 inch all-in-one touch computers. Finally, the customer commissioned us to redesign and customize these two sizes of computers  according to their own needs and based on their trust in our products and company. After the customer tested and confirmed the two products, they then chose the final mass-produced product from the two models.


After the design of designers and engineers, the factory rushed to produce, and this 10.1 inch touch all-in-one computer customized model was produced.



Let's take a look at its specific parameters first:



This is the latest 10.1 inch touch all-in-one computer that is customized and revised according to customer requirements. The difference from the original one is:


1. The industrial design is re-customized according to customer requirements

In terms of design, the designer re-drawn the floor plan, and made accurate calculations for each interface, frame reserved size and other positions, and the actual application area of the screen reached 218*136.6mm. The material of the back cover is made of aluminum alloy, which is polished to be abrasion-resistant, high in hardness, and not easy to dent.



2. Replace with a small motherboard with more interfaces

Because the customer required more com ports and LAN ports, and the space reserved behind the conventional 10.1 inch fuselage is relatively small, a smaller motherboard was specially designed this time, and the interface position was added on the side of the motherboard, and then manufactured the back cover that matches the motherboard interface. After design, the interface of this computer has been increased to 4 USB interfaces, 2 LAN interfaces, 3 COM interfaces, and 1 Audio/Mic interface, which meets the needs of the customer.



3. Better cost performance

In terms of cost performance, this one has achieved the ultimate. The interface of the original 15.6 inch configuration is changed to a 10.1 inch computer, which not only saves the cost of materials, but also improves the performance of the computer. It is equipped with a J1900 CPU, 4G of running memory (expandable to 8G) plus 128G System memory (expandable to 512G), support Windows 7/Windows 10 system installation,




Its advantages


Frame sealing standard: zero frame, housing controlled by TopOneTech technical specifications ·

A new generation of high-quality touch panel, perfectly responding to changes in the external environment, high brightness, high contrast, and wide viewing angle

IP65 waterproof level, the screen is not afraid of wind and rain

Multiple mounting options, including VESA mounting, horizontal or vertical bracket mounting ·

Compact and slim profile for easy integration from the side, top and bottom ·

Mature Top One Tech PCAP technology, showing high-quality images on pure glass with high color saturation ·

Finger or gloved hand operation, ten-finger touch, fast touch response, fast system operation ·

Passed CE, FCC certification


The 10.1 inch touch all-in-one computer has a variety of application scenarios, and it is not limited to only one use scenario. For example, there are gaming equipment, casino systems, outdoor billboards and indoor entertainment equipment, transportation and ticketing, hotels, bank ATM, and so on.


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