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10. 1 inch industrial tablets - APC The application of the YW101AW in charging pile system

by:Toponetech     2020-03-30
System overview charging pile using ac, dc power supply mode, need special use prepaid phone CARDS, its primary function is to data collection, charging control, pricing or account settlement, data transfer, parameter Settings, display and operation, the second is the advertising, publicity function. In charging pile system, controller and charging unit with a serial link, complete the car battery power detection, charge control; With the card reader with a serial link, complete credit card spending; And the printer with a serial port link, complete print documents. Free operating system for owners of charging pile, including the detection of car battery as well as to the car charger, at the same time can charge the battery by credit card through the self-help top-up CARDS and print documents. 1, according to the demand, and using the environment, chassis choose aluminum alloy panel + back cover sheet metal manufacturing, have strong, ant-vibration performance is good, fast heat, dust, spray and other characteristics, panel with aluminum alloy directly wiredrawing grain or fine grain, silver oxidation treatment, not in the sun heat, avoid internal temperature in summer scattered not to go out. Embedded device for the manipulation of the device, demand reaches IP65 protection on the front panel, rear cover to have proper ventilation. 2, charging pile node number and scattered more commonly, maintenance cost is higher, so the required product has higher average trouble-free operation time. 3, choose high brightness, wide viewing angles of industrial screen, ensure that users and operators in the outdoor visual interface. 4, choose high quality resistive touch screens, and can be used frequently and more dust environment is not failure, but also in the case of appearance scratch can continuous operation, implement the owner free of charging pile. 5, with FLASH or CF card storage medium, can be installed the operating system and store the contents of advertisements. 6, flexible devices such as external card reader, printer, electric meter, the required product has a serial port and CAN communication more, implementation cost and credit card charging documents to print the buffet. Controller is mainly composed of charging system description pile mat ear - APC Yw101aw industrial tablets to complete, the owner can choose four charging modes according to liquid crystal display instructions: including billing charge on time, according to the battery charging, automatic, according to the mileage charge etc, realize the self-service card charging, balance enquiry, billing, and other functions, can also provide voice output interface, realize voice interaction. APC - system framework system advantage Yw101aw fanless design, has the characteristics of steady, solid and reliable, can conveniently realize free charging operation, and can collect real-time field of all kinds of charging parameters, accurately on a touch screen display and data management. APC - Yw101aw industrial tablet features 1, all adopt the industrial-grade components and parts, the machine have the characteristics of high vibration, dust, low calorific value, environmental applicable ability. 2, compact & amp; Fanless design, effectively extend the product life cycle, reduce maintenance cost. 3, based on the Intel Bay TRAIL J1900 quad-core 2. 0 4 GHZ processor, two gigabit Ethernet card, four USB interface, RS232 interface, DDR3 2 - big support 4GB。 5, wide WenKuan pressure design, meet the demand of industrial environment. 6, support equipped with WIFI, 3 g communications.
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