Top one tech is a touch screen display supplier, specialized in custom touch display prototyping and low volume manufacturing services since 2010!
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About Toponetech

Toponetech is a touch screen supplier, enabling touch innovation through touchscreen monitor prototyping and touch display manufacturing solutions.

At Toponetech touchscreen monitor manufacturer, we provide high-quality touch display, touchscreen monitor manufacturing, rapid sampling, and low volume manufacturing services to support all your developing and launching needs. Top one tech touch screen suppliers team of engineers will work with you to make your touchscreen monitor ideas a reality through various manufacturing technologies such as 3D designing, touchscreen and controller board selection, plastic and metal frame CNC machining, finishing services, display assembly and FQC. To begin touchscreen monitor or touch display project, please contact us for a quote


Rapid touchscreen monitors Prototyping

A 3D model of the customized touch display will be drawn and designed within 3 working days. After your approval a sample of the monitor will be produced within 10 to 15 working days, you can then test it and make any changes you'd like to the design. Once you are happy with the touchscreen monitor product sample it will then be taken to production.

Toponetech Production

Ideally, touchscreen monitors are produced and manufactured in low volumes to help control inventories and ensure that the market is subjected to testing before producing larger quantities. This means that feedback can be taken by the public your touch display product can be improved upon to meet their desires. Customized touch displays can be rapidly produced to meet your criteria.

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To begin creating your touch display and touchscreen monitor project, please contact us for a quote and sample drawing.

Company Profile

Top One Tech Ltd. is a touchscreen monitor manufacturer that integrates the design, manufacture, and sale service of open frame Touchscreens, touch display and touch All-in-one computers. Our vision is to serve all customers with heart and grow with you.


At Toponetech touch screen suppliers, we provide high-quality touchscreen monitor prototyping, fast production of samples and low volume manufacturing services to support the development of your monitors and low volumes launching needs. Toponetech touchscreen monitor manufacturer with a team of engineers work to make your touch display ideas a reality through manufacturing technologies like 3D designing, touchscreen selection, controller boards selection, plastic and metal frame CNC machining, a range of finishing services, display assembly, and FQC.


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Toponetech touch screen suppliers have 10 years in touchscreen industrial & retail experience.


Manufacturing facilities with over 20 engineers.


 TopOneTech touchscreen monitor manufacturer's products passed CE FCC ERP ISO9001 Certificate.


Professional touch screen suppliers - To serve all customers with heart and grow with you.

Rapid prototype production

Rapid prototype production and low volume manufacturing for our touch display monitor .

Rich experience

Toponetech touchscreen monitor manufacturer have over 10 years of touchscreen industrial and retail experience.

Excellent team

Manufacturing facilities with over 20 engineers in Toponetech touch screen suppliers


Our touch display products have passed CE FCC ERP ISO9001 Certificate.


Application of our touchscreen monitor products

1. Gaming display
1. Gaming display
When entering a casino, you'll notice a wide range of gaming machine touch display monitor such as in slots, roulette, baccarat and so on. The open frame monitor offer quick and precise responses and are visually stimulating and aesthetically pleasing, these elements help provide customers with a fantastic gaming experience.
2. Vending Machine
2. Vending Machine
These machines are innovative products that helped evolve the customer service and retail industry. They greatly improve shopping experiences by providing quick and simple services. They have greatly improved recently due to the introduction of touchscreens on these machines. The open frame monitor on vending machines help display a greater number of items and also make it so you can purchase multiple items in one order instead of one by one like in the past.
3. Self-service terminal
3. Self-service terminal
Self service terminals are widely used in many businesses such as banks and shops due to their convenience. Their open frame touch display monitor offer quick digital services without the need of staff, this helps greatly reduce queues.
With new developing technologies the vast majority of banks have now caught up and modernised their services, this includes new intelligent open frame touchscreen ATMs and Cash & Deposit Machines which are hugely popular as they get rid of the need to queue up and are less time consuming as no staff interaction is needed.
5. Juke Box
5. Juke Box
In establishments such as restaurants, bars and clubs’ jukeboxes play very important roles for entertainment purposes. The open frame touch display screen is an extremely important aspect of the machine with its quick and fluent responses and various visual features that better the experience such as vibrant colourful lighting and high-quality displays for a smooth karaoke experience.
6.Education Machine
6.Education Machine
With new technology now entering the majority of classrooms teaching and learning has become a more enjoyable and interactive experience. With various visual features such as gifts, high quality videos, vibrant lighting and smooth displays to showcase a teachers work, students are more intrigued and focused on what’s on the open frame monitor screen. This intelligent way of teaching a class not only enhances the learning experience but also makes work quicker to prepare and display for a teacher’s convenience.


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